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Products available


Hourly Research

For a start or some help on your own research, Lucy is available at an hourly rate.


Record Office/Graveyards

Lucy can visit record offices or graveyards on your behalf, to see records or monuments unable to be viewed digitally.

Written report, One or Two Name Descent

Lucy can present your family history in the form of a written report, tracing one or two names back through the generations.



Ancestry can be displayed in many different ways and focuses. Lucy designs and produces a range of clear, informative diagrams which show your descent - as a traditional line-and-branch pedigree chart, or as a fan or spread of direct ancestors. All can be customised.

Matrilineal Line

Genealogy doesn't have to be patriarchal. Tracing the female line back through the generations can be done in the same way as for our male-acquired surnames. Lucy is passionate about this approach.


Custom Packages

Lucy works with prospective clients to design an ancestry package that is right for them and their needs. She offers a no-obligation consultation at the beginning of the process.


Budget Packages

Lucy can advise on how to get the most information for your money, and can offer a payment plan for your work at the outset.

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