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Name Descent Report

A one name descent report takes the name of one person – for example, the central person’s mother’s surname or the central person’s father’s surname – and traces that name back through the generations. Two name descent takes the names of two people – for example, typically the central person’s mother’s surname AND the central person’s father’s surname. You can pick from four generations back from the central person, (their great grandparents’ generation), five generations back (their great great grandparent’s generation), or as far back as possible – typically six-eight generations.


Each report is priced separately, and takes an increasing amount of estimated time to complete, depending on how many generations are to be included. 

Any travel expenses within a 20-mile radius of my home are absorbed into package costs. Research further afield will incur extra travel costs, but these will be discussed with you before journeys are undertaken.


Your report will be printed, detailing all the family members I have identified, and that same report in electronic PDF format. You will also receive a family tree diagram, and any (up to three) civil event certificates that have been purchased as part of the research.


Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

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