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For any further information, or to book Lucy for an event, please contact her for an informal and free of charge chat
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Historical cookery

One of Lucy’s big passions is historical cookery. She has a ready-made selection of child-friendly, non-alcoholic, nut-free vegetarian recipes from all through history – from the first farmers to the second world war.


She has cooked her way back in time with an entire year of Y1 students (aged 5-6) over two school terms, and conducted workshops on World War One foods for Y4/5 students (aged 8-10).

She is also knowledgeable about the wider food and cooking trends throughout British history, and has spoken on the subject on various BBC local radio stations.

She has worked with children and adults preparing Anglo Saxon food at a museum, made Tudor biscuits with an after school club, concocted Roman olive relish with a Young Archaeologists’ Club, challenged school children to a Victorian gruel taste test, revived recipes from the Women’s Suffrage Cookbook with adults, and made medieval gingerbread at a records centre.

Lucy can assist with adding historical food to your event (no-cook options available) or give  information for a project or radio show.

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Music and Dance


Lucy is a trained musician, having achieved a recital certificate (a step above Grade 8) in the flute in 1995. She also plays piccolo, recorders, whistles and double bass, and has played in groups, ensembles and bands since primary school.

She also is an English traditional dancer, and an expert in British folk music.

She has run a full day of music and dance workshops, focusing on pirates, for a whole primary school, adjusting for age and ability. The children learned the sailors’ hornpipe and to sing several sea shanties.

She also organises a day of traditional dance for several primary schools each year.

Traditional Women's Skills


Lucy is a keen crafter, and can demonstrate spinning, weaving, tapestry, knitting, crochet, cord making, jewellery making, dress making, headdresses and so on.

She also has knowledge of food and use of herbs and spices across different periods of British history, and can talk about brewing in antiquity.

She regularly demonstrates these skills at events and talks, usually in authentic costume. 

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Research Interests


In addition to those topics outlined on this website, Lucy has a special interest in the history of British education and women teachers.

Other interests include:

  • Women’s liberation movement

  • History of motherhood

  • History of divorce

  • Acquiring new “women’s” historical practical skills

  • Encouraging others to revisit and value their female ancestry

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