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Extraordinary ordinary women ~ of North Wiltshire

Lucy is pleased to announce the publication of her first book, Extraordinary Ordinary Women ~ of North Wiltshire, released at the end of March 2024 by Hobnob Press.

The book extends and expands on some of the women’s stories Lucy has already featured in The Women Who Made Me project, and adds in more from across North Wiltshire – Chippenham, Corsham, Malmesbury, Devizes, Bradford-on-Avon, Cricklade, All Cannings, Winterbourne Bassett, and more. Many of them are exclusive to the book, and haven’t been put onto the blog.

Through twenty case studies, the book takes in inspirational teachers, gutsy landladies, pioneering social workers, a war hero with her beloved hounds, mental health patients at the mercies of Victorian care, a herbalist accused of murder, a nun who was stoned in the street, a young woman who eloped with her adoptive uncle, a beauty influencer with an acidic tongue, and a charwoman who hid her pregnancy and suffered the consequences.

It’s been beautifully illustrated by artist Lucia Lovatt.

Copies (£12.95) are available through Lucy, or you can buy it on Amazon if you’re that way inclined, or at

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