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House and building history
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Every house has a history. Even one from the 1930s, or a Victorian/Edwardian terrace. See the case studies below.

Each house is unique, with different residents with varying pasts, and house features altered throughout the life of the building. Researching the history of a house, or a public building, can reveal intriguing stories from the past that will touch on the history that you learnt in school but won’t be recorded in any book. 

Lucy will look at former residents, historical connections, maps and plans, architectural details to build a full history of your home and the land on which it stands. 

The depth of the research is up to the client – some wish to just know the names of former residents, others will want to focus on a particular century, some will want a full report into every piece of history that it is possible to wring out of a property that can be presented as a book. 

In addition, each house is of a different era, and location, which can affect how much history is available to be found. Location, age, depth and budget can be incorporated into a piece of work at a quoted price that is right for the client. 

Lucy works with each prospective client individually to determine the house history which is right for them. This is usually via an online meeting to discuss the property and the client's expectations. Contact her to discuss and receive a personalised no-obligation quote for the research.

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Chippenham, Wiltshire

Built by a cycle shop owner in 1910, this property is a glorious miss-mash of Edwardian styles and features. Other owners included a butcher and a baker, but no candle-maker to complete the set – a farmer and a scout master have lived there instead. The opulent nature reflects the growing prosperity of the market town at that time, and the wealth that the popularity of cycling brought before the first world war.

Hillbrook old.jpg

Taunton, Somerset

This fine 1820s residence was first home to a London-based cook, who sent cider and produce up to town to feed the fine people. Later on, it housed ex-naval heroes who were active in wars in China, New Zealand and West Africa. There was also the widow of a knight of the realm, whose sister was embroiled in a notorious bigamy and divorce case in the 1920s, and later on a retired MP resided there too. The history of this house was extraordinary, and it was a joy to research from start to finish. 

Echo villa behind.jpg

Batheaston, Somerset

The estate agents believed this house dated from 1834, but through extensive research it was discovered to have been built in the 1860s. Originally intended as a residence for a market gardener, this villa was home to corn merchants and mill owners, a watch maker, and an esoteric author with a very modern outlook on relationships in the 1920s. It originally had extensive grounds, but successive owners sold portions off throughout the life of the house.

Royal Oak old.jpg

Chippenham, Wiltshire

The earliest record of this beautiful old public house was from 1743, but the building is thought to be a little older even than that. It saw periods as a domestic residence – notably for carriers working along the Great Western Road – and then landlady upon landlady served endless beer for Chippenham town folk right up until the end of the 20th century. It did great trade on market days in Victorian times, and housed darts and cribbage teams during its 20th century heyday. Many landlords went on to run other Chippenham pubs. It is now a house once more.

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