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What's Your Family's Story?

  • Are you the descendent of a ragged crew of pirates?

  • Are you the product of a long line of strong women?

  • What's the history of your house, and the people that lived there?

  • Or are you related to minor nobility?

Call it what you like - genealogy, family history or ancestry - proper and careful research can help you discover your family's story and more.

I’m Lucy Whitfield, and I’m a professional genealogist with over seventeen years’ experience based in Wiltshire, UK. I offer a range of family history research services to people looking for information on ancestors across the globe. Since I'm based in the UK, that means England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland are specialties, with a particular interest in Wiltshire and Swindon, Bath and Bristol.


I am also committed to locating and discovering the real stories of women through the records, as family history traditionally follows the male lineage.


Family history research can help you discover:

  • Who your ancestors were

  • When and where your ancestors were born

  • Where your ancestors lived

  • What your ancestors did for a living

  • Who your ancestors married

  • Who your ancestors’ children were

I can offer a traditional family tree package - taking you up the line of your surname with a full report and diagram - if that's what you're after. Alternatively, I can do it differently - a selection of surnames, a matrilineal line that takes you up your mother's mother's mother's mother's ancestry, or a fan of direct ancestors, or a clean and informative diagram to frame and have pride of place on your wall.


I also offer a custom research option - perhaps you’ve come to a dead end with your own family history research and need a fresh pair of eyes, or can’t get to a record office to see documents that I can access easily. You might want to extend work that’s already been done, or be keen to find out some more about a much-loved person from your past that doesn't fit into common family tree software. Or you could be looking for a special present for a birthday with a zero in it, or want to discover your history but are on a tight budget. Whatever your needs, I can help.


Please contact me for further information and a no-obligation quote, or to arrange an informal conversation about how I can best help you to discover your family’s past.

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