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House History

Discovering the history of your house, and the people that lived there and cared for the property before you can be an exciting journey.


My house history work can be done in many different ways and approaches, but typically details the previous owners and tenants of a property, offering a glimpse of how they lived their lives in your house, and where possible looks at what the land your house stands upon was previously used for.

The depth of the research is up to the client – some wish to just know the names of former residents, others will want to focus on a particular century, some will want a full report into every piece of history that it is possible to wring out of a property that can be presented as a book. Still others may just want to possess the available records. Each of these approaches are priced differently according to the amount of work required.

In addition, each house is of a different era, and location, which can affect how much history is available to be found. Location, age, depth and budget can be incorporated into a piece of work at a quoted price that is right for the client. 

When inquiring about a house history, please tell Lucy a little bit about the property - where it is, how old you think it is, what you know about it already. 

Lucy works with each prospective client individually to determine the house history which is right for them. This is usually via an online meeting to discuss the property and the client's expectations. Contact her to discuss and receive a personalised no-obligation quote for the research.

Please visit the House & Buildings History section on the menu above. Please contact me to discuss your requirements. 

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