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Sample Documents

When producing a full report into family history I provide a printed and electronic copy of my research in PDF format, starting with living family and working backwards by generation. Each person is taken individually, with all of their researched information reported on. Direct ancestors are outlined in red for ease.

These documents are kept on file, and can be added to should more documentary evidence come to light in the future.




My family tree diagrams are clean and concise, showing your lineage as far back as you’ve asked me to go. There are many options and focuses for the research – for example one particular surname, direct ancestors, a distaff line, a matrilineal line – and different ways to display it. Options include a traditional pedigree tree with lines and branches, or a multicoloured fan, or a spider-diagram set to a particular generation. At the outset of the work, Lucy will discuss with a client their particular needs and wishes for their ancestry work, and determine which approach and diagram best suits the family history questions they have. Each diagram is made bespoke, displays the information clearly, and can be printed and framed for display.

Example matrilineal family tree_1.jpg
Colour fan family template.jpg
fake light family tree.jpg
Fishface fake family tree.jpg
Sample document 1.jpg
Sample document 2.jpg
Sample document 3.jpg
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