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Talks, Workshops & Events
For any further information, or to book Lucy for an event, please contact her for an informal and free of charge chat



Lucy talks regularly to different groups – family history societies, women’s institutes, schools, captive audiences in libraries. Talks are usually around an hour long, and are £50 plus expenses (usually petrol).


She has two set talks to offer:

  • Valuing Women’s Genealogy – why do we need it?

An exploration of the topic of women’s history and genealogy, looking at ordinary women’s lives and activities and touching on areas that are often disregarded or overlooked. Includes examples of women found as part of The Women

Who Made Me project, and tips for re-evaluating your own female ancestors.

  • Ten women you’ve never heard of 

Exploring the stories and lives ten ordinary extraordinary women discovered as part of The Women Who Made Me project to flesh out the picture of women’s history – covering divorce, stockbroking, teaching, multiple motherhood, ballet dancers, anti-suffragists, cooks, prostitutes, laundresses and anything and everything in between.

Lucy is always willing to work on a new talk that would suit your event. Please feel free to suggest a subject (this may incur an additional research cost).

Workshops & Events


Lucy regularly demonstrates and exhibits at museums and history centres, often in full costume, and can tailor her skills to fit your event. If you’ve got an event in mind, just ask.

Examples of Lucy’s workshop and event work include:

  • Rerunning the 1918 general election for one constituency, with focus on all three candidates and the politics at the time

  • An exhibition on 13 different ordinary extraordinary women from Chippenham as part of Heritage Open Days 2018.

  • Reviving recipes from the Women’s Suffrage Cookbook

  • Demonstrating medieval women’s skills – spinning, tapestry, weaving, embroidery, headdresses – at a history centre open day.

  • Full day music and dance workshops on a pirate theme for an entire primary school.

If you have an idea for an event, contact her and see what can be put together.

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